Personal Training and Virtual Personal Training

Personal Training with me works!

I have living proof in all of my current clients, they are achieving high levels of fitness, taking on endurance events and smashing their targets week by week.

Whatever level of fitness you are, there will be a way that I can train you and help you get to that level you want to achieve..... and beyond! (injury dependant)

I mostly train clients outside in the fresh air, this provides an unstable environment, unlike that of a gym, so you get clean fresh air in your lungs and work harder in the process. I work on bodyweight exercises, HIIT training, whatever suits you, we will do.

Being a Kickboxing Instructor I do use a lot of Boxing and Kicking-style workouts in the sessions, these also have the benefit of getting rid of a lot load of stress! * Please note, pad work is limited at the moment due to COVID-19. 1-1 Box Room sessions, on the bag are available but limited.

I am not your 'usual' kind of trainer, I like to inject humour and variety into the sessions, so you will never know what's coming and will always leave with a big sweaty smile on your face. To be honest, most of my clients laugh at me, not with me!

I am slightly unorthodox at times, but it works and it will keep you guessing.

In  2014 I got 3 clients through an Ultra-marathon each as part of a charity event called The Forces March. I got them through this with only  a few months training. Everything is possible, I know about endurance myself, therefore I can help the process in a more comfortable way.

Since becoming an Insanity instructor and Beachbody coach I like to use these kind of exercises and also tabata workouts in my PT sessions so that you get maximum benefit.

I used to be an 'On Call' Firefighter, based locally in Totnes, anyone wanting to get prepared for the emergency services would get a reduction in rate of 10% when block booking 4 or more sessions with me.

Why not give me a call to discuss your personal training needs?

My clients are not restricted to the young, fit and healthy, my client base ranges from age 8, right up to 87, I vary workouts around age and ability.

Virtual personal training is available on Facetime, Zoom and Skype, this is my main way of working currently for safety and health reasons. I have been doing this for over 3-years with London clients and it has proven to be a great way of working, with the same results as me being in the room with you.

I am now doing 1-1 personal training again in the park or beach, you would need to supply your own exercise mats etc.

Prices start at £30 an hour

THE BOX ROOM - a teeny tiny Boxing area I do 1-1 training in, based in Totnes, if you don't want to train outside, then this is for you. Prices in The Box Room start from £20 an hour 1-1 training when block booking. **Limited due to COVID-19 at the moment, book in advance

Call me for more details 07792722359

Client Feedback...

In September this year I decided that I wanted to change my body shape and get back to a size 10. I have always been a jeans and t-shirt kind of person and was fed up with my muffin top. My goal was simple - to where my size 10 jeans and t-shirt again without a muffin top. I started personal training once a week with Fighting Fit Devon as well as continuing my...

boxercise sessions twice a week. The result has been amazing. In just three months I have achieved my goal and have changed my diet and feel great. Thank you Debbie Miller-Wright of Fighting Fit Devon. You just can't beat that one to one training especially with someone like you who really cares about fitness.xx

Wendy Marldon

A great big public THANK YOU to Debbie Miller-Wright for my 8 PT sessions during the past 2 months. I'm feeling much fitter, stronger and more toned (my runners thigh definition is coming back - yay!). I'm also feeling much more motivated and confident when it comes to exercise.

The biggest bonus is that I have now fully recovered from a nasty painful quad injury which prevented me from running for more than 2 months. Debbie's advice and support on my recovery and return to fitness has been amazing. I still have a way to go to get my fitness back fully to where I want it but Debbie has set me on the right path. Thank you, love, you are a fabulous PT!

Maria, Totnes