Nutrition and Diet

I think of our bodies like a machine, say a car or a motorbike.

If you don’t fill up with gas, you eventually run out and stop.
This is your vital balanced diet and water

If you don’t top up with oil you will dry up the engine and ruin it forever
This is your training foods, essential carbohydrates, oils and water

Keep your electrics serviced, starter motor, lights and full working stereo!
This is your essential vitamins and minerals for eyesight, hair, nails, heart health to keep you ticking over and starting first time, every time

I will advise on what you require according to your lifestyle and exercise requirements.

 I am a Beachbody coach and promote 'Shakeology' as a meal replacement, or extra nutrition on hard training days. You can get Shakeology via and if you use my coach code when ordering 1825608 you get me as your coach for free advice on exercise and nutrition.

All Personal Training sessions contain nutrition planning and recording, but I can also write personal plans just for you, including vegetarian and vegan diets from as little as £16.