Boxercise and Kick Boxercise - Private class, virtual only.

Boxercise is a fantastic way to get fit and toned, lose weight and rid yourself of stress.

Classes vary in content from week to week to give you an interesting variety when training. You never know what to expect!

All Boxercise and Kickboxercise Instructors are trained the same way, so if you have done it in another area and want to try my class there are few differences in technique and exercises.

Boxercise is a non-physical contact exercise, so if you wanted to try Kickboxing, but dont want to actually compete then Boxercise is for you.

Currently I am only running a weekly class for South Hams District Council, this is a private class for a company. If you are interested in me running a class for you and your friends please let me know, or if you are a company wishing to do the same as South Hams, please call me for more details.